We are a digital technology company specialising in multi-cloud solutions, technology transformations and consulting services.

We have a combined 35 years corporate experience, of which 20 years has been at an executive level driving business strategy and technology transformations within the technology, logistics, investment and financial services industry.

Considerations around data, cyber security, capacity on demand, risk management as well as what should be done in private cloud vs public cloud are all elements of our unique knowledge and remains our competitive edge. Understanding the balance of stability, cost, efficiency, future proofing and user experience are core to who we are.

Vaxowave is fully committed to the principals of Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) and is a level 1 contributor.

Vaxowave is a South African based all-inclusive, services-orientated technology company that aims to take organisations securely from yesterday to today, then to tomorrow and beyond.

The technology landscape of today is very different to the technology landscape of yesterday. The technology of tomorrow is moving towards us at an exponential rate. We strategically partner with companies that are leading technology providers from around the globe to bring a holistic service offering to our clients, thereby helping them to align their technology investment with their business strategies.

Technology is not only an enabler of business strategy but a competitive edge too. Our expansive technical expertise, business aptitude, drive and commitment to excellence enable us to closely partner with our clients to fully understand their environment, challenges and opportunities which can be resolved securely by technology.

Enabling a paradigm shift to futuristic technologies .

Vaxowave empowers technology teams with solutions that enable effective adoption and management of mission critical cloud applications and services to help them reduce operating costs, accelerate delivery and the ability to scale.

Our solutions provide insights to improve stability and ensure secure and improved customer experience.

Vaxowave’s core purpose is to digitally enable our clients using disruptive technologies enabled by new ways of working. Software and hardware will evolve and improve, and it is our goal to make adoption of new tooling simple, while still providing the most streamlined user experience possible underpinned by significant benefits and agility.

Our approach is to use specific tailored methods, tools and assessments to understand the challenges and opportunities that our clients have within their environments and to collaboratively transform and equip their business to operate in the new technology era. Our products go beyond improving asset availability and reliability.

Our technological solutions streamline infrastructure and operations, enhance efficiency and unlock new revenue channels.

We are passionate about building innovative solutions that solve real problems for our clients.