Yummy Tummy Kids
SUMMARY is one of our many community service initiative projects we have undertaken to support our community by providing the organisation with an e-commerce website hosted on AWS, to allow them to grow their business by provide nutritious meals for their customers.
Alpha Innovate
SUMMARY is one of our many investments that we have undertaken to support the growth of SME technology companies in South Africa. We work closely with them to build up strong capabilities in Amazon Web Services, supporting them with mentoring, training, and coaching. In return, they have become strategic suppliers of skills and capabilities to Vaxowave. "Without Vaxowave's assistance in building, mentoring and growing our business, we would not have been able to get it off the ground and grow it to be what it is today. We thank you for walking us through this journey and allowing us to create opportunities and value to the industry and our youth" - Edmond Sebetseba, Executive Director, Alpha Innovate, a 100% black owned EME.